Get the squad together! 7 ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day

Get the squad together! 7 ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day

February – it’s the month that celebrates love.

With all the reminders around Valentine’s Day – flowers, chocolates and sentimental cards filling stores plus specials filling your email inbox – it’s near impossible to not think about love in your own life.

When you take out the pressure to celebrate a certain way or mark the occasion it with gifts, Valentine’s Day really just comes down to a cause to celebrate love.

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Love comes in many forms, including friendship. That’s where Galentine’s Day comes in.

As the name suggests, it is a day for women to celebrate their female friendships.

Amy Pohler’s Parks and Rec character Leslie Knope coined the term for the holiday that occurs every year on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. As Leslie herself explains on the show:

“Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.”

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There’s no reason to ditch the idea if you and your friends aren’t all free on February 13 either.

You could get together on Valentine’s Day itself or later in the week.

Being single or alone around Valentine’s Day can be hard, even if you’re perfectly happy being single every other day of the year.

I’m in a relationship, but with my partner working away most of the time I am usually dateless on Valentine’s Day.

Luckily for me I have some beautiful friends whose birthdays are at this time of year. This year on February 14 I’ll be heading out for dinner with some gal pals and I can’t wait!

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Just like with Valentine’s Day, it’s up to you how you celebrate.

Looking for a few last-minute ideas on how to spend Galentine’s Day? Here are my seven suggestions.

Watch a girly movie.

Settle in for a rom-com marathon or head to the cinema with your friends. This is perfect for those who have partners that may not enjoy watching soppy flicks. There’s sure to be a tonne of Galentine’s Day fans going to Fifty Shades Darker this year.

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Wine tasting.

You could head out to a venue and go wine tasting, or you could bring the wine tasting to you and beat the heat by making frose (frozen Rose) or wine pops. Pair your frozen treat with an antipasto board and a killer lady jam playlist and your night at home just got elevated.

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Farrrshion fun.

With so many stores spending their advertising dollar at this time of year to get you to buy a new V-Day outfit, it can be hard to resist. If you’re saving your pennies, you can still treat yo’self to a mini shopping spree, by organising a clothes swap with your best buds or going on a thrift store date.

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Get active with the gals.

Hit the gym together, Youtube a yoga session from your lounge, or put on your roller-blades for a Instagram worthy Galentine’s Day snap.  After having a sweat session, you’ll have no reason to feel guilty about binging on popcorn and Netflix after!

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Pot luck and present swap.

Either all cook a dish, or if you’re all too busy, make it a takeaway pot luck night. By having your Galentine’s Day invitees ordering different kinds of cuisine to share, you can guarantee all your cravings will be satisfied.  Instead of blowing your budget and buying gifts for all your gal pals, have a Secret Santa style present swap. Pick a name from a hat and buy one gift for one friend.

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Make it a DIY spa night.

Have everyone bring their favourite nail polish or beauty treatment and pamper yourselves from the comfort of your own home. You could hit up Lush or look up some DIY face masks, that can be whipped with the items in your fridge.

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Create a decadent dessert.

If your squad suffers from major sweet tooth, try making your own chocolates or dessert of choice for Galentine’s Day. The best friendships equals a no judgement zone, so go ahead and have that second piece of cake.

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However you choose to celebrate spread some of that Galentine’s Day cheer!

You and your friends deserve some loving.

Until next time,

My Eclectic Muse x

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