Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration

Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration

Whether you’re coupled up or single, wearing a dash of red or pink on Valentine’s Day is a fun and stylish tradition.

I love a good chance to dress up and recently picked up a pair of Veronica Maine pants in red that sit perfectly, which I’ll be donning on the day.

As well as ideal for a Valentine’s Day spent sans partner at work, wearing them has definitely gotten me out of my “all black everything” Monday to Friday routine.

Below is a host of Valentine’s Day-worthy pieces I’ve selected just for fun that can transition into an existing wardrobe.

For corporate wear you can pair a statement item in red or pink with a neutral item like I have, or for a striking look you can opt for pink and red together.

If you decide to go ahead with a pink and red ensemble, make sure it’s clear that the colour combo is intentional. If you go half-way on this, it will look accidental.

Instead of a full outfit, you could opt for a pop of colour with an accessory or makeup update, such as a red lip or pink shoes.

My Eclectic Muse

Valentine's Day


Venus sleeved dress
38 AUD –

Chicwish off the shoulder cocktail dress
77 AUD –

Crop top
115 AUD –

Prada gray jacket

Michael Lo Sordo wide leg trousers
575 AUD –

White strap sandals
48 AUD –

Leather pumps
68 AUD –

Zipper purse
25 AUD –

Metal bangle

Olivia Burton dial watch
185 AUD –

Valentine s day jewelry
3.90 AUD –

Red jewelry
3.90 AUD –

Cat eye sunglasses
6.40 AUD –

63 AUD –

Plush throw pillow
18 AUD –

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