Pretty in Pink

Pastel hair has been around for a few years and it seems this delightful hair trend is here to stay.

The first sighting of pastels came from Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 fashion shows. Since then numerous other runway shows have featured models with candy tresses.

Many celebs like Katy Perry and Lauren Conrad have been known to mix up the colour of their pastels on the red carpet, showing the versatility of the trend.Pastel 5

But how wearable is pastel hair for those of us who aren’t famous?

Hair chalks allow you to test out rainbow hues without making a commitment, allowing you to try out ombre ends, dip dyed hair or full-over coverage; It’s a much better option than dyeing your hair and deciding you don’t like it.

My Eclectic Muse’s mane has been created into a pink fairy floss masterpiece a few times 😉

The key with hair chalk seems to be to take individual strands and make them damp, and then apply the chalk thoroughly. The colour goes on easier and seems to last longer when applied to wet hair.

PastelCreating the sought-after pastel colour is easy enough on light blonde hair, but the hue on darker strands isn’t quite at the same level of perfection.

The great news is that a tonne of beautiful coloured extensions have slowly been making their way onto the market, with various tones and ombre levels available.

Also, as my hair is naturally quite dry and porous I have to use a deep conditioning treatment after any chalk use to help my hair regain moisture.

If I wanted the colour longer-term, which is likely as I love having pink tresses, I’d definitely go to a hair dresser to ensure I didn’t damage my hair.

COLOUR TIP: There is a pastel colour for everyone. Pink tends to work on every skin tone, while cool greens, lilacs and blues work best on pale skin, and warm purples, yellows and oranges look great on darker or olive toned skin.


Pastel 2

 Rita Ora recently rocked a shoot for the March cover of Nylon magazine with pastel pink strands.

Pastel 3

Make sure to follow UK fashion blogger Kirsty Doll  ..this lovely lady does pink mermaid hair better than anyone!

Pastel 4

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are always divine.

Who do you look to for pastel muse perfection? Comment below.

Stay tuned, as an exciting colouring product is on it’s way in the mail, and the review will be up on My Eclectic Muse soon.

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