Fluffy. Frivolous. Fab.

Super-plush coats and fluffy fashion in general have been appearing slowly on the front row street-style set and international runways, and now these covetable items are at mass at several top retailers.

I’m loving the fabulous frivolity of this trend.

…But with so many options, what style to pick?

Do you go for a faux fur vest with leggings and leather trim or will it be long, oversized fluffy coat orn with jeans?

Pastels and fluffiness go hand in hand, it seems, but you can also combine these cosy coats with dark clothes to add edge.

However you choose, the best thing about this trend is that you’ll be ready for whatever winter throws at you.

Personally I’m hoping the weather starts to cool soon so I have an excuse for a few new winter warmers in this style.

Here are some fluffy fabulousness that I’m loving. Enjoy!

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