Would you wear something only because it’s a trend?

Would you wear something only because it’s a trend?

Awful perms, over-the-top shoulder pads and leggings as pants (I’m talking the really bad, you can’t pull that off because it’s see-through and paired with a top that’s too short versions). Would you wear something ugly or unflattering just because it’s on-trend?

Apparently, a lot of people will.

Unfortunate trends have been haunting fashion for centuries.

Corsets constricted the woman’s body so tightly that even breathing was difficult and they impacted internal organs—some 16th-century models were even made of iron (ouch!).

But, back to trends of today. Tiny cut-off denim shorts that go too far are an example of a trend that is everywhere.

I’m not talking about pockets hanging down further than the hem, as some girls can pull that off with aplomb; what I’m talking about actual bum visible from the back.

In my opinion, there’s really no appropriate place to show off your arse, except for the beach or the bedroom.

It’s mainly younger women who take on this particular trend, and although I can understand that they’re wanting to take risks or look sexy, it can make gorgeous girls look like uncomfortable clones.

I truly believe the reason that many women are wearing these shorts is simply because their friends are donning them.

If I wore trends that my friends do (and look stunning in), I’d look ridiculous. Height, body type, skin tone and much more have to be taken into account for what outfits suit different people.

There are many trends that I appreciate, but know that I couldn’t pull off. And that’s okay!

So, what am I trying to say is: Always wear what you want; just don’t wear something because it’s what your friend wants.

If that means you’re wearing something that’s considered a bad trend, that’s fine. Go ahead and rock that perm.

If you like it, wear it!

…As a bonus extra to this post, here are some trends that have come onto the style scene and stayed, which I’m very grateful about as they’re staples in my wardrobe!

Little jackets: Whether it’s a smart blazer, leather motorcycle style or cropped colourful jacket, the perfect jacket can instantly pull together a look.

6271172301_d8037af14f_oFlat boots: This practical trend became popular in the mid ‘60s and has since evolved, with current options including ankle height casual options, to all the way up to the thigh high glamour boots.

Statement necklaces: The statement necklace has been a recurring trend because it can add oomph to a simple outfit, flatters the neckline and draws attention to the face.

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  1. daniellecarver March 3, 2015 / 3:05 pm

    It being a trend would be the very reason I wouldn’t wear it 😀

    • My Eclectic Muse March 3, 2015 / 7:22 pm

      It’s so funny how people can either want to wear something because it’s a trend or stay away from it completely just for that fact. Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope you enjoyed my little musing 🙂

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