A nude shoe for all skin tones

Source: Instagram @louboutinworld

Source: Instagram @louboutinworld

Flats for the win!

This season Christian Louboutin is expanding its Nudes Collection.

The brand has added a ballerina flat to the mix called the Solasofia, and it is available in seven different shades.

The campaign for the Solasfia, which I stumbled upon on Instagram, is absolutely stunning so I had to share.

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Source: Instragram @louboutinworld.

Source: Instragram @louboutinworld.

Trip to paradise: 5 tips for travelling to Fiji

Sunset on the Coral Coast, Fiji.

Sunset on the Coral Coast, Fiji.

For over a week I woke up in paradise.

Coconut trees, friendly smiles, crystal clear water and an array of colourful fish right next to the shoreline provided the perfect backdrop for a recent holiday, for which the main aim was relaxation…and utterly peaceful it was!

Located on Fiji’s largest island, Viti Levu, The Warwick Fiji on the famed Coral Coast is where I stayed for my vacation.

1 - Fiji - 14

The Warwick Fiji.

When the sun came out after rainy conditions for the first few days, the water sparkled.

The lagoons provided incredible snorkelling right of the shore and free use of non-motorised activities including stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, plus pool and ping-pong tables, squash courts and more ensured plenty of fun.

Sitting reading by the adults-only pool certainly was tranquil and the general landscape of the resort was gorgeous.

I noticed that The Warwick was very popular with families during my stay. There were numerous weddings held during my stay as well.

Outside of the resort, it is clear that Vitu Levu is a place of intense beauty, but also a place of striking contrasts.

One of the first things I noticed when leaving the airport was that it was quite mountainous, very lush and green (due to the country’s high annual rainfall).

In 2009 a cyclone caused significant damage to buildings and washed away bridges (our driver pointed out an unfixed bridge). Poverty remains a significant issue (thus understandable why I found myself getting stopped by locals so often who were trying to sell something or drive you in their taxi) in Fiji and many people live in informal squatter settlements surrounding main towns.

The Fijian people I met were all incredibly welcoming, however you do notice that there are divisions between the native Fijians and the Fijian born people of Indian descent.

1 - Fji - 3

Sigatoka, Fiji.

Staying at The Warwick Fiji


  • Nice lagoon with amazing snorkelling and a clear bottom boat ride available off the resort’s beach
  • Good selection of kayaks, quality flippers and wide range of free land activities
  • Huge pools including an adults-only pool
  • Buffet breakfast had plenty of options
  • Friendly staff


  • Located 90 minutes from Nadi International Airport, some people may revel in the isolation, while others may prefer to stay in Denarau or similar and have the option to access restaurants at other hotels near where they are staying.
  • The buffet was extremely overpriced. Also, there are a few charges you don’t realise until too late, such as water being placed on the table without any explanation that if you open it you need to pay $10 for it.

The funny thing about travelling somewhere is that you find out other people you know have travelled there too.

I enjoyed hearing different perspectives about holidaying in Fiji before and after my trip and thought I’d collate a few general tips for people who are looking at travelling there.

5 Fiji Travel Tips

Look for a special and inclusions

Usually you can find deals if you are staying at the same resort for over 4-6 nights. Also, look into the inclusions. For myself, having the buffet breakfast included was fantastic, while other people I have talked to had passes that included three meals a day or drink packages, etc.

Keep in mind the weather

Maintaining a balmy climate year-round, make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen. You can expect dry weather from late March to early December, while rainy season runs from December to April where heavy, yet brief downpours are common. However, there can still be showers in the dry season.

Take a day trip – Kula Eco Park is worth  a visit

There are plenty of sights to see on the different islands. Wandering through Kula Eco Park was one of the highlights of my trip and definitely somewhere I would recommend others to visit if they are staying on Vitu Levu. Positioned along the walkway and merging into the forest backdrop are large purpose-built habitats that form the park displays. Many of the enclosure are walk-though, with no barriers between you and them. You get to enjoy seeing birds, reptiles, bats, sea turtles, tropical fish and more.

Take the local bus

Buses are efficient and inexpensive in Fiji, so pick up a copy of the timetable.


Buying alcohol at duty-free and a few snacks can keep you going if you don’t want to eat out all the time, especially if where you are staying isn’t close to other towns. I went into Sigatoka for a day trip and bought some simple foodstuffs from a supermarket. Also, bringing your own beauty items, sunscreen etc. is recommended.

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White on White Outfit Envy

White Collage 2

With spring truly sprung in the Northern Hemisphere it’s no surprise white clothing has made a resurgence at the moment.

White lace in particular is everywhere this season, with dresses, shorts and tops with beading and paneling filling the runways.

Models for Valentino,Chloé and Louis Vuitton were dressed in delicate fabrics that played on the transparency of ethereal white lace with a nod to Romanticism.


Valentino 2015 Spring Ready to Wear via Pinterest.

Although traditionally associated with a spring/summer looks, paired with other fabrics, items with white lace can transition into other seasons (luckily for us Southern Hemisphereans).

While black basics are many women’s wardrobe staple, an all-white ensemble makes for a refreshing statement.

It’s easy to feel intimidated when putting together a monochromatic look, so if you are worrying about being too over the top, try grounding an outfit with pop of pastel or other neutral tones.

Want some serious outfit envy? See below for 10 gorgeous ensembles for some white on white style inspo!

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Image via Pinterest.


Image via Pinterest.


Photo of Kim Kardashian-West via Pinterest.


Photo of Cara Delevinge via Pinterest


Image via Pinterest.


Photo of Kendall Jenner via Pinterest.


Photo of Gigi Hadid via Pinterest.


Photo of Selena Gomez via Pinterest.


Photo of Olivia Palermo via Pinterest.


Image via Buzzfeed.

Off-the-shoulder silhouettes

If you’re carrying the whole world on your shoulders, there’s no reason to carry your sleeves too.

I’m loving the off-the-shoulder look at the moment…well in honesty I’ve been a fan and wearer for a while, but now the look seems to be everywhere. Stores are flooded with varying takes on the silhouette and there have been plenty of recent red carpet appearances by celebrities in elegant shoulder baring styles.

This is one of those trends that seems to make a comeback every decade – think back to old-school Hollywood glamour, the Flashdance legacy of collarless sweatshirts and the ’90s crop top. With everything from the ’90s in vogue at the moment it’s no surprise this trend is back in force.

It’s easy to see why the off-the-shoulder trend keeps making a recurrence as well. The look is relatively easy to pull off (try pairing an off-the-shoulder top with high-waisted trousers or a midi, or opt for a boho chic dress) and flattering for most body types.

With its popularity peaking at various points over the last century, off-the-shoulder silhouettes have transcended all tiers of formality.Whether it be a ball, a cocktail party or daytime event, an off-the-shoulder dress can help secure wow factor.

marilyn               Emma Watson               mira 1

1. Marilyn Monroe via Pinterest. 2. Emma Watson via Pinterest. 3. Miroslava Duma via Pinterest.

Interested in trying the off-the-shoulder trend for yourself?

Asos.com have a myriad of cute off-the-shoulder options at the moment.

The below three dresses are some of my favs!


ASOS Bardot Midi Skater Dress, $40.00.*

asos glam

ASOS Glamorous Off Shoulder Midi Dress, $59.00.*

asos 3

ASOS Fashion Union Off Shoulder Crop Dress In Floral Lace, $55.00.*

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*Please note that prices in AUD are given in good faith and although correct at time of publication, may change.

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award Nomination


I’m honoured to be nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, by eclectic feel. Thank you very much for my nomination!

With fun, fascinating posts on everything from style to DIY to home and design, eclectic feel is definitely worth a follow, so make sure you mosey on over and check out the blog.

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award recognises the unique voices of women bloggers around the world. To be included in the list of wonderful sister bloggers on eclectic feel‘s list, is a lovely recognition.


1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the 10 questions your nominator has provided.

3. Nominate ten other bloggers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination. sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award Questions from eclectic feel:

1. How long have been blogging for? I only started blogging with My Eclectic Muse this year, but I’m loving it! Full disclosure: I’ve been writing for a while though, in the past I’ve been a journo/fashion writer/columnist.

2. Who was your childhood crush? Good question. I can’t even remember haha.

3. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? That everyone in the world had easy access to safe drinking water.

4. What’s your favourite type of blog post to read? One of the great things I’m finding about blogging, is that I’m reading so many eclectically diverse blog posts. I lean towards loving style posts the most, but I’m also a huge fan of quick and healthy recipe posts and in-depth beauty product reviews.

5. If you had to leave right now this second for a week away, what 3 beauty items would you pack? Mascara, moisturiser & hair conditioner.

6. Juices with kale or other veg in – yay! or Bleurgh? Depending on the combo really. I don’t mind juiced carrot, but I’m not on the “yay” scale of enthusiasm for veg juices.

7. Are you involved with any charities? Sadly no, not at the moment. I am keeping my eye out for events to volunteer at though, the last few I’ve looked at have unfortunately clashed with my working hours.

8. What’s your top tip for chilling out when you feel stressed? Focus on whether there is anything you can actually do about the situation that you’re stressed about. If there is, write a to do list on the tasks that need to be done and start actioning them. Otherwise, when I’m just wanting to completely escape, and can’t dive under the water in the ocean or a pool, I love reading a good book or watching a TV series.

9. Blazer or kimono? Blazer

10. What’s next for your blog? I’ve been enjoying blogging so far, so hopefully just more. More OOTD posts. More travel and beauty insights. More eclectic ramblings. More joy from blogging itself and spending more time reading other blogs.

My nominees:

In no particular order, my nominees are listed below.

Sorry awesome bloggers if you’ve already been awarded this one. If you have, just take the kudos for having a blog that’s appreciated and feel free to have a think about your answers to the questions anyway. Thank you for enriching my blogging journey to date!

Also, please don’t feel pressure to answer the questions for this award if you don’t want to. If you choose to participate the questions are below. I’d love to read your answers 🙂

The Beautified Blogger

the simple beginner

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stash matters

Doves and Roses


Fierce Villain

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Dresses and Travels

Jessica Davis Make-Up

Questions for my nominees:

1. Using three words, how would you describe yourself?

2. What is your favourite time of day, and why?

3. What was the thing that made you the happiest in the last few weeks?

4. Where would you travel to if money was no object?

5. What advice would you give to new bloggers?

6. What is your favourite dessert?

7. What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?

8. What song/s or musician are you currently loving?

9. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

10. Do you prefer coffee, hot chocolate or tea?

Thank you for reading. For those who take up answering the questions – have fun!

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